Richard Fernandez, PJ Media: ISIS in Ramadi: Like the Tet 1968?

If Syria is — in the words of Al Arabiya’s Washington correspondent Nadia Bilbassy — likely to be remembered as Obama’s Rwanda, will the ISIS offensive now underway in Iraq go down as the president’s Tet?  Their attack on the city of Ramadi caught the media by surprise and the first reports coming out of the city were tinged with an alarm born of shock.
(CNN)The months-long fight for the key central Iraqi city of Ramadi now appears to be going ISIS’s way, with the Islamist extremist group capturing police headquarters, the Ramadi Great Mosque and even raising its trademark black flag over the provincial government building, sources said.

WNU Editor: The big difference between Vietnam and today's war against the Islamic State is that the Vietnamese Communists were focused on Vietnam .... the Islamic State has a far broader scope and agenda that will impact us directly if they are not confronted.

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