Reuters: Small Arab force reported in Aden, alliance accused of cluster bomb use

Dozens of Arab special forces soldiers arrived in Aden on Sunday and deployed alongside local fighters against Yemen's Houthi militia, a militia spokesman said, signaling a major escalation of the country's war.

Saudi Arabia denied that a major ground operation was under way by the anti-Houthi coalition it leads, but declined to comment on special forces - a topic Riyadh has consistently refused to address in the more than one-month-old conflict.

In Aden, Ali al-Ahmadi, the spokesman for the Southern Popular Resistance, a group defending the southern port city against an advance by the Iranian-allied Houthis, told Reuters:

"Joint land forces from the Arab coalition landed in Aden on Sunday and are now participating with the southern resistance to fight around Aden airport.

"It's a limited force - 40-50 from special forces."

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