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Richard Fernandez, PJ Media: Downfall in Syria

President Assad is in big trouble.

One of the constantly repeated themes in recent articles is that the Assad regime in Syria is on the ropes. However, few news items explain why that is and fewer still say what that means. Anne Barnard and her team at the New York Times give a good account of Assad’s dire straits, implying that the survival of the regime is now seriously in doubt. “The Syrian Army has suffered a string of defeats from re-energized insurgents and is struggling to replenish its ranks as even pro-government families increasingly refuse to send sons to poorly defended units on the front lines. These developments raise newly urgent questions about the durability of President Bashar al-Assad’s rule.”

WNU Editor: A summary on what is happening in Syria. What's my take .... the trend is now shifting away from Syrian President Assad and his allies.

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