FOX News: US, China refuse to budge over South China Sea activity

China and the U.S. did not budge Saturday over Beijing’s assertive development in the disputed territories of the South China Sea, with Foreign Minister Wang Ji politely but pointedly dismissing Washington’s push for a diplomatic solution to ease the tensions.

Wang and Secretary of State John Kerry stressed the importance of dialogue to resolve the highly-contested claims in the waterway. But neither diplomat showed any sign of giving ground over Chinese land reclamation projects that have alarmed the U.S. and several other countries in Asia.

WNU Editor: Hmmm ... Russian news websites are predicting a serious showdown .... American Ships in South China Sea May Lead to War Between US, China (Sputnik). I am not so pessimistic. I expect the US Navy to deploy a show of force to alleviate worries among our allies, but aside from that .... the Chinese will not stop building islands and installations in the South China Sea.

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