Newsweek: Ex-CIA Officer Jeffrey Sterling Sentenced to 42 Months for NYT Leak

Former CIA operative Jeffrey Sterling was sentenced to 42 months in prison on Monday for leaking secrets to New York Times reporter James Risen, according to Matt Zapotosky of the Washington Post.

Sterling, 47, a 10-year veteran of the spy agency, was accused of telling Risen about a failed CIA operation to derail Iran's nuclear weapons program by providing it with deliberately misleading technical blueprints, thus harming national security.

WNU Editor: I am a few days late in posting on this story .... but it deserves to be covered because it will impact the news media that relies on leaks and information from those who are dissatisfied with a government program or policy that is shrouded in secrecy. Not surprising .... this case involved the New York Times and they are not happy with this verdict .... Overkill on a C.I.A. Leak Case (New York Times).

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