A rebel walks in front of a factory destroyed during recent shelling, in the town of Nizhnaya Krinka, eastern Ukraine, September 23, 2014 (Reuters / Marko Djurica)

RT: Kiev seeks $350bn damages from Russia for ‘aggression’

Russia has to pay Ukraine $350 billion in damages, a top government official said in an interview. Kiev is accusing Russia of invading its territory, a claim Moscow denies.

“At a certain point Russia will pay,” Ukrainian Deputy Economy Development Minister Aleksandr Borovik told Channel 5. “We need to calculate, we need to be ready to lobby it wherever we can. And say, look, this must be paid.”

The Ukrainian official said the sum was taken from the precedent of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1991.

“It was $350 billion when Iraq attacked Kuwait. Then they decided $320 billion was owed. Taking into account how long that aggression took and how long Russia’s aggression against us has been going on, those are comparable,” Borovik said.

WNU Editor: Ukraine is already suing for $16 billion from Russia's Gazprom over natural gas deals and debt .... Ukraine seeks $16bn from Gazprom in arbitration court (RT). Gazprom in turn is suing Ukraine for $24 billion .... Russia's Gazprom Suing Ukraine's Naftogaz for $24 Billion in Gas Price Feud (Moscow Times). Russian politicians are not amused .... Russian lawmaker comments on Kiev’s idea to demand Russian compensation for ruined Donbas (ITAR-TASS), and I suspect that the Ukrainians are feeling the same way.

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