BBC: Syria conflict: IS advances on ancient ruins of Palmyra

Palmyra, one of the archaeological jewels of the Middle East, is reported to be under threat from advancing Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria.

The jihadists are within 2km (1.2 miles) of the Unesco World Heritage site, battling government forces for control of the adjacent town of Tadmur.

Syria's antiquities chief has warned that if IS seizes Palmyra it will destroy everything that exists there.

The group has ransacked and demolished several ancient sites in Iraq.

Palmyra has already suffered some damage during the four-year civil war.

WNU Editor: I have trouble accepting the idea that this archaeological crown jewel of the Middle East is now under threat. But ISIS is at the door and this place is not defended, and it would not surprise me if we start to see videos of its destruction in the next few days/weeks. The video below was done before the civil war started.

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