Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, left;
Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal, right
Photo from San Francisco Sentinel

Deutsceh Welle: Fatah-Hamas unity in tatters

A year after signing a reconciliation deal, the Fatah-Hamas unity government is in disarray as Fatah continues to loses support in the West Bank to Hamas. Mel Frykberg reports from Ramallah.

The fluid and rapidly changing dynamics of politics in the Middle East, where allegiances can shift dramatically, is impacting Palestinian politics and the biggest loser appears to be the Fatah-affiliated Palestinian Authority (PA) which is losing support amongst its followers and being sidelined by Hamas.

Despite promising to never negotiate with "terrorists," Israel appears to have sidelined the PA and is currently holding secret talks with Hamas to reach an understanding on a long term "quiet," which would include Israel significantly easing its blockade on Gaza. Numerous intermediaries are involved in the talks, including officials from the United Nations, Europe and Qatar.

WNU Editor: They will never agree ... the animosities run too deep.

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