CBC: Dozens arrested in anti-capitalism May Day protest in Montreal

Eighty-four protesters arrested, Montreal police use tear gas to disperse demonstrators and bystanders

Police arrested 84 people, including 27 on criminal charges, and used tear gas to disperse demonstrators at a night-time protest in downtown Montreal organized by a local anti-capitalist group called CLAC.

Hundreds of people gathered at at least three different locations around the city, well before the protests officially got underway at 7 p.m. ET.

The group called on protesters to cause the "maximum disruption possible" to businesses downtown.

However, the majority of the crowd were people carrying anti-austerity messages with no intention of vandalism or violence.

By 7:10 p.m., police had already declared the demonstrations illegal and began ordering protesters to disperse.

As demonstrators moved up McGill College Avenue from de Maisonneuve Boulevard, police began launching rounds of tear gas.

WNU Editor: I was originally going to avoid this story .... but I am still experiencing some lingering effects from the tear-gas (it is probably more psychological than physical) ... and I am also still peeved off with the experience. For those who may not know .... I live on the island of Montreal. I went to see my accountant Friday evening to sign-off on my corporate taxes when I found myself in a melee between police and demonstrators. This was in the downtown core and tear gas was everywhere .... and yes .... I was totally unprepared. The Police were also arresting everybody .... fortunately .... I was ignored (I guess I did not fit their profile ... older white guy dressed casually vs. young guy with hoodie and mask) but for the moment I was filled with dread on being arrested and then finding myself in jail over the weekend explaining to everyone on why I should not be there. Don't laugh .... I actually had that happen to me in Moscow 20 years ago .... an experience that still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Sighhh .... I have spent years blogging about the world's trouble spots .... and Montreal is one of the world's safest places .... but sometimes .... even the safe places are touched by chaos.

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