Photo: General John F. Campbell. Wikipedia

Al Bawaba: Daesh actively recruiting in Afghanistan: US commander

Daesh (ISIS) is actively recruiting in Afghanistan but it not operational there at present, AP has reported the commander of international forces in Afghanistan as saying.

General John F. Campbell said that Taliban fighters in Aghanistan and Pakistan are being tempted to the group because of Daesh's sophisticated social media campaign. He also commented that Taliban fighters are frustrated at the lack of progress at overthrowing the government in Kabul.

Daesh now controls roughly a third of Syria and Iraq.

Some Afghan officials have claimed that Daesh is already fighting in a number of regions in Afghanistan.

Update: Isis actively recruiting in Afghanistan, says US general -- The Guardian/AP

WNU Editor: After 13 years of war I suspect that many Taliban fighters are probably frustrated and are looking for an alternative group to lead them to victory .... hence some interest in the Islamic State.

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