Time: On Patrol With One of Russia’s Most Wanted in the Battle for Ukraine

TIME embedded with the Dudaev Battalion led by commander Adam Osmaev, who is wanted in Russia on terrorism charges

Last year, the people of Ukraine realized that they had, in effect, no army to defend them. Their military had been too depleted by corruption and mismanagement to mount a defense when Russia sent troops to seize the region of Crimea in February 2014. Through the following spring, armed forces mostly stood by as Russia went on to fuel a separatist rebellion in Ukraine’s eastern regions, seizing effective control of more territory and large portions of the border with Ukraine. The so-called “volunteer battalions”—poorly trained but highly motivated militias—arose to fill the holes in Ukraine’s defenses.

Ukraine Crisis News Updates -- May 12, 2015

Three Ukrainian servicemen killed in past 24 hours in east: Ukrainian military. -- Reuters
Ukrainian police: Nearly 400 militants arrested during Donbas operation -- Kyiv Post
Poroshenko violates Minsk deal vowing to recapture Donetsk Airport - Kremlin -- RT
Russia Slams Poroshenko Over Plans to Take Donetsk Airport Back -- Sputnik
Poroshenko aims to regain control of Donetsk airport -- Kyiv Post
To Defeat Rebels, Ukraine Military Might Allow Foreigners To Join Armed Forces -- IBTimes
Ukraine's parliament moves to pass law banning use of mobile phones in Donbas conflict zone -- Ukraine Today
Poroshenko inspects new weapons produced by Ukrainian defence industry -- Ukraine Today
Conscripts will not serve in Donbas - Poroshenko -- Interfax Ukraine
Poroshenko, UN Sec Gen discuss possible peacekeeping mission in Donbas -- Interfax Ukraine
Donetsk militants agree on 'broadest autonomy' in Ukraine -- Ukraine Today
Donetsk rebels mark the first anniversary of the self-proclaimed republic -- CCTV
Donetsk, Luhansk: The 'People's Republics' one year on -- Deutsche Welle
Ukraine reproaches creditors after plan that rejects debt writedown -- Reuters
Ukraine Doesn't Need Sympathy, It Needs Cash -- Mark Adomanis, Moscow Times
The Ukraine ceasefire is in danger — but the country's war is still turning into a frozen conflict -- Business Insider/Brookings Institute
Former top Russian general: Russia will defend eastern Ukraine, even if it means taking Kiev -- Max Fisher, VOX
Ukraine conflict: Will the ceasefire hold? -- BBC

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