Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko was interviewed by the BBC's Fergal Keane

BBC: Ukraine crisis: President Poroshenko talks of 'real war' with Russia

Ukraine's president has told the BBC his country is now in a "real war" with Russia - and that Ukrainians should prepare for a major Russian offensive.

President Petro Poroshenko told the BBC's Fergal Keane he did not trust his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

However he said he had no option but to negotiate with Mr Putin.

Russia denies Western accusations that it has sent regular troops and armour to help the rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Update: Battle erupts in eastern Ukraine, four Ukrainian soldiers killed: regional chief

WNU Editor: As bad as the war in eastern Ukraine is .... the collapse of the economy is impacting everyone .... Fighting in Ukraine takes toll on country's economy (AP). There may be no bombs or shells exploding everyday in Kiev .... but the collapse of the currency and economy has produced millions of victims .... and to say that they are angry and bitter is an understatement. I know that Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko is trying to divert attention away from his failings in reforming the economy to the conflict in the east .... but even on that issue many Ukrainians are now openly voicing a demand for peace that includes protesting against the war and the latest conscription rules. The sad fact is that the rebels in the east do not have to do anything .... the Ukraine government is beset with so many problem that I fail to see how they can survive by the end of the year. 

Update #2: The Ukraine government is now in a row with its allies in the West over .... you guess it .... money .... Ukraine vote gives government power to suspend foreign debt payments (The Guardian). But Kiev is lucky .... the U.S. is still willing to throw money at the situation .... The US promised another $1 billion to Ukraine (AFP).

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