Today was a busy day for me. I left the house at 10am and reached the Immigrations building at 11am. I had to get a queue number and wait for my turn to request the Immigration Officer to update my Singapore IC(Identity Card) to my current Canadian status. It was an hours wait. I even had to queue up again to have my photos taken which was required for my new IC.
A few seconds past 12 noon my turn came so I presented my old IC and filled up a request to change my nationality in the new IC that I will be issued. The cost of the new IC was S$60.
After my new IC request was completed I was directed to go to the Permanent Resident unit on the 5th floor to have my RE Entry permit issued.I waited for another 30minutes for this and I had to pay an additional $30 for the Re entry permit. Normally if its just a change of passport details one can actually do it online without charges but since I have changed my nationality I can't do it online and had to do it over the counter at the Immigration Ministry.
After I had completed both my IC and Re entry permit changed I headed down to the Immigration building cafeteria and had my first taste of Laksa after several years of missing it.
After a good lunch I decided to head down to Johor Bahru Malaysia to buy my months supply of medicines. It took me only an hour to go back and forth from Singapore to Malaysia. I took some photos of the Avengers movie display at the JB Mall lobby and after buying my meds went back home to Singapore. I was lucky there was no traffic yet at the Causeway bridge.
Even though I was tired and exhausted in running errands for the day I still managed to buy our chicken rice and bihon dinner and likewise do some grocery shopping. I must rest tomorrow for my Dubai flight on Wednesday.

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