Images obtained by Yonhap News Agency show what North Korea claimed was a ballistic missile being launched from underwater near Sinpo, on the northeast coast of North Korean. Experts believe the claim they were launched from a submarine may be suspect. Photograph: KCNA/EPA

Time: North Korea Submarine Missile Footage Isn’t Real, U.S. Admiral Says

Top military official credits "clever video editors"

Photos showing a North Korean missile launched from a submarine were manipulated by state propagandists, a top U.S. military official said on Tuesday.

North Korea, heavily sanctioned by the United States and United Nations for its missile and nuclear tests, said on May 9 it had successfully conducted an underwater test-fire of a submarine-launched ballistic missile. If true, it would indicate progress in its pursuit of building missile-equipped submarines.

WNU Editor: This U.S. admiral assessment is probably the right one .... N. Korea years away from submarine missiles, U.S. says (CBS)

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