John Kerry (left) and Wang Yi both pledged to further US-China co-operation

Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat: What’s Wrong With US-China Relations?

A round-up of the recent debate over the U.S.-China relationship, and how best to fix it.

Those interested in China, particularly on a foreign policy front, have likely noticed a burgeoning debate in the United States over how best to deal with China’s “assertive” behavior in the South China Sea, cyber space, and elsewhere. Today’s links round-up pulls together the various pieces of the debate, which will have enormous consequences for the Asia-Pacific and the world.

The long-simmering debate heated up when Robert Blackwill and Ashley Tellis argued in a new report that “Washington needs a new grand strategy toward China that centers on balancing the rise of Chinese power rather than continuing to assist its ascendancy.” Blackwill and Tellis summed up their 54-page report in an April 2015 article for the National Interest.

WNU Editor: U.S. - Chinese relations have been difficult even in the best of times. Today .... the list on the differences between China and the U.S. is growing .... territorial disputes and threats against U.S. allies, trade issues, cheap Chinese currency issues, human rights, cyber warfare, industrial espionage, copyright disputes .... just to name a few.

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