Demonstrators gather at Baltimore on Saturday. Reuters

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Split Along Racial Lines on Backlash Against Police, Poll Finds

Americans are bracing for a summer of racial disturbances around the country, such as those that have wracked Baltimore, with African Americans and whites deeply divided about why the urban violence has occurred, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has found.

A resounding 96% of adults surveyed said it was likely there would be additional racial disturbances this summer, a signal that Americans believe Baltimore’s recent problems aren’t a local phenomenon but instead are symptomatic of broader national problems.

When asked to explain recent events in Baltimore and other cities that have seen confrontations between police and members of the African-American community, blacks and whites viewed the situation differently.

WNU Editor: America has always been divided along racial lines. This is why the Obama Presidency has been a disappointment to me .... being elected as the first Black President (with the support of many Whites) opened the door to a new level of racial reconciliation .... but instead we now have the reverse .... a deeper divide and even more animosity. My prediction .... with millions of Latin Americans now living in the U.S. ..... and millions more coming .... America's racial divide will grow even wider and even more bitter .... but primarily between Blacks and Hispanics.

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