The Australian/The Times: Saudis to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan, US officials say

Saudi Arabia has taken the “strategic decision” to acquire “off the shelf” atomic weapons from Pakistan, risking a new arms race in the Middle East, senior US officials say.

The move by the Gulf kingdom, which has financed much of ­Islamabad’s nuclear program over the past three decades, comes amid growing anger among Sunni Arab states over a deal backed by US President Barack Obama, which they fear could allow Shia Iran to develop a nuclear bomb.

The agreement, due to be finalised next month and involving the permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany, is designed to roll back part of Tehran’s nuclear program in return for an easing of UN sanctions.

There are concerns that Saudi Arabia joining the nuclear club might provoke Turkey and Egypt to follow suit. “For the Saudis, the moment has come,” a former US defence official said.

Update: Report: Saudis may purchase Pakistani atomic bomb -- Times of Israel

WNU Editor: Since ascending to the throne, King Salman has certainly pursued an independent Saudi foreign/national security policy. Escalating support for Syria's rebels. Intervention in Yemen. Major arms purchases. Flooding the world with oil. And now the possibility of nuclear weapons. This is not the Saudi Arabia of last year. For U.S. policy makers and for President Obama .... this has the potential (and probability) of becoming a nightmare scenario .... a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

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