Bas News: US Official: Iran is Fighting Alongside ISF and Shi’ite Militia in Baiji

Small number of Iranian troops operating artillery in battle for refinery

Associated Press is reporting that two anonymous US defence officials have said that Iran has a small number of troops supporting Iraqi security forces, the police and Hashd al Shaabi militias in the battle to retake control of the Baiji oil refinery.

One of the officials said that the Iranians are operating artillery and heavy weapons, such as 122mm rocket systems, and surveillance drones.

The US official line is that they support Iranian militias role in the conflict, so long as the fighters are operating under Iraqi command.

Update: Official claims Iraqi army recaptures areas of Baiji -- Rudaw

WNU Editor: The AP story on this development can be read here .... Iran Joins Iraqi Fight Against ISIS At Key Oil Refinery (AP). These are not Shiite militia fighters getting involved in the fight .... these are either Iranian special forces and/or regular soldiers and they indicate the importance that Iran has placed on winning this battle. On a side note .... US General Dempsey did remark last week that the fight for the Baiji coplex was more important strategically than Ramadi ....

.... According to Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, not really. The bigger threat, he says, is the other city ISIS is moving in on—the oil-rich central city of Baiji.

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