Travel ban: As Americans remain standed, The State Department said it had sent out countless warnings for Americans to avoid the region which it states many Americans with family connections to Yemen have ignored

Daily Mail: Hundreds of Americans are trapped in Yemen because the US government refuses to rescue them because it's 'too risky'

* U.S. officials said rescuing the Americans could put the military in danger
* There are fears that al-Qaeda could stage an attack on U.S. personnel
* Americans are being given access to information on a website
* The State Department said it hopes citizens will find their own way back
* Muslim activists have filed lawsuits in a bid to get U.S. citizens rescued

The U.S. government has left hundreds of Americans stranded in Yemen because a rescue mission could be 'too risky' following the devastating Saudi-led airstrike which leveled dozens of homes.

The decision by the State Department came after officials decided that rescuing the Americans could put the U.S. military in danger from a potential attack by al-Qaeda.

Instead, the government has announced plans to give Americans access to information and regular updates online to help them find their own opportunities to leave the country.

WNU Editor: These stranded U.S. citizens were warned numerous times to not enter Yemen .... but they did ... and now they are stuck. And with the situation deteriorating .... UN warns Yemen's infrastructure on "brink of collapse" (Deutsche Welle) .... it will not surprise me if calls to rescue these Americans increases.

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