U.S. News And World Report: After Kobani Victory, Troops Feel ISIS Threat at Home

Wary B-1 bomber crew members reflect on helping retake the strategic Syrian town.

ABILENE, Texas – The last remaining foreign fighters from the Kurdish peshmerga left the Syrian town of Kobani at the end of April, shortly after ensuring the black flag of the Islamic State group would no longer fly above the key border crossing, at least anytime soon.

The effectiveness of the U.S.-led air coalition combined with brave work on the ground by the Kurdish fighters culminated in a small but significant victory in Kobani, crucial for its proximity to NATO ally Turkey and as a pathway to the Islamic State group's strongholds in Syria. But as the complicated and seemingly endless war against the extremists continues to drone on elsewhere, the locals fortunate enough to flee Kobani last fall will now return to bomb craters and explosive booby traps left behind by the ousted enemy.

WNU Editor: The Pentagon is clearly worried .... otherwise they would not be doing this .... ISIS activity prompts threat level increase at bases (CNN). So much for the strategy of fighting them over there .... because from all appearances it appears that the fight is now shifting to the home-front.

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