Answer: If you have to ask you may be dumb enough to be one of them!

Given the depth of scandal in her past it would seem to me that Hillary would be hard-pressed to be nominated to run for dog catcher in some small town in Idaho although naturally, in Chicago, she would win by a landslide. (Note: Any Chicago vote would include voters both living and deceased along with the on-man, one-vote rule not being strictly enforced.)

Yet here she is the de facto nominee for the Democrat Party to run for the most powerful position in the world.

To the low information voter she counts on who care more about the fact that she is a woman and a Democrat than they do about her policies and/or scandals NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

Doesn't the country ever learn?

Eight years ago the country voted in a man with no political resume and an extremely questionable past largely because he had the opportunity to become the first black president of the country.

How is that working for you? But then again I am likely preaching to the choir here.

But such is the state of society in the US today.

Ask these Hillary supporters who won last night on Dancing With The Stars and they can no doubt tell you.

Ask them if they know anything about the following and, given their disinterest in conjunction with the aiding and abetting of the mainstream media, the answer will likely be a resounding no.

For example,
  • Are they aware that Hillary likely knowingly destroyed what are no doubt extremely damaging (for her career that is) emails as Secretary of State, 
  • That Hillary apparently engaged in pay-to-play politics with foreign and domestic (and not always ones friendly to the US) as a Senator and as Secretary of State vis a vis the Clinton Foundation or, 
  • That Hillary allowed Americans to die in Benghazi without lifting a finger to help them and then lied about it for purely political purposes?
Many won't know and, to be fair to the intelligence of SOME Democrats, many many will know and just won't care!

Why? Because she's a woman and a Democrat! And because they are schooled every single day by the aforementioned mainstream media that Republicans are inherently evil.

Such is the state of our society in the US today!

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