James Conca, Forbes: What Does China Have To DO To Become THE World Power?

Just repeat what America did in the decades following WWII -

1) install a teraWatt of electricity-generating capacity

2) construct a manufacturing base that can support the world’s largest economy

3) develop a robust space program

4) develop an exceptional intelligence network and community

5) gain overwhelming economic and political influence over your neighbors, by hook or by crook

6) build schools, bridges, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure to cover at least 80% of your population,

7) assemble a high-tech conventional military that exceeds all others in size and capability, and

8) build a nuclear arsenal that has adequate first-strike capability against your primary opponents to deter not only an attack, but even just interference in your regional affairs.

Most importantly, your people have to overwhelmingly believe you’re going to reach these goals.

WNU Editor: This is just the tip of the iceberg on what is necessary to make a nation a global power .... but it is a start.

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