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Forces TV: What A Conservative Victory Will Mean For The Military

After an explosive night in British politics David Cameron will be returning to Downing Street.

Not to lead a coalition but as a Prime Minister with a Conservative majority in the House of Commons.

Whilst he has met with Her Majesty the Queen and been formally invited to form the next Government, the leaders of the Liberal Democrats, UKIP and Labour have all resigned.

But what does that mean for Defence?

Over the last five years the Conservatives have presided over major cuts in defence spending, the number of military personnel falling by more than 40,000 to around 160,000. Within the British Army numbers have fallen from 102,000 to 82,000.

WNU Editor: To early to say what will change for the British military with this new U.K. government .... but .... my gut is telling me that the cuts of the past few years will cease in this new parliament.

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