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Air Force Times: Racist remark ended general's career

A racially charged comment forced Maj. Gen. Michael Keltz to resign last week, according to Air Education and Training Command.

While serving as the convening authority at a company-grade officer's Article 15 hearing April 9, Keltz said the accused and another officer looked "drunker than 10,000 Indians" while referring to a photograph of the two officers. Blogger and former airman Tony Carr first reported Keltz's comment on his John Q. Public blog, and AETC spokeswoman Maj. Toni Whaley confirmed the statement was made in regard to a photograph of the two officers.

Because of Keltz's remark, the accused officer will have another Article 15 hearing with a different convening authority, Whaley said. The new hearing has not yet been scheduled. It will remain in the same command, but will be with someone outside of the 19th Air Force chain of command.

Update: ‘Drunker than 10,000 Indians’: US Air Force general resigns over comment in court (RT)

WNU Editor: Should one stupid comment end a General's career .... apparently yes.

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