Nancy A. Youssef, Daily Beast: Pentagon Claims ISIS Is on the ‘Defensive,’ Never Mind That City It Just Sacked

The terror army assaults the strategically central city of Ramadi. Meanwhile, in the Pentagon, the generals are insisting that the war is going just great.

U.S. military officials insisted Friday that ISIS was on the “defensive”—even as the self-proclaimed Islamic State was taking over the key Iraqi city of Ramadi.

Worse than that, the Pentagon repeatedly asserted that its nine month U.S.-led air strike campaign was weakening ISIS, even as the terror group maintained enough fighters to battle for the central oil-rich Iraqi city of Baiji, retained control of the second-largest city of Mosul, and launched this new offensive in Ramadi. The city was the site of 165 U.S.-led coalition airstrikes in the last month in what appeared to be a failed bid to wrest control of the city out of ISIS hands. As Ramadi fell into ISIS hands, more strikes rained down the city Friday night.

No wonder these officials had trouble articulating how, exactly, the terror group was playing defense.

Update: US plays down IS militants' gains in Iraq -- AP

WNU Editor:The fall of Ramadi is a big thing .... regardless of what the Pentagon is saying. It also runs contrary to the narrative from both Iraq and the U.S. that the Islamic State is on the defensive.

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