Reuters: Saudi-led alliance mulls partial truces in Yemen: statement

(Reuters) - A Saudi-led Arab alliance conducting air strikes against Houthi fighters in Yemen is considering calling truces in specific areas in Yemen to allow humanitarian supplies to reach the country, the Saudi foreign minister said on Monday.

Adel al-Jubeir also said Saudi Arabia might host a center to coordinate delivery of humanitarian supplies.

The United Nations says the humanitarian situation in Yemen has grown desperate after weeks of air strikes.

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is holding consultations with members of the alliance in defense of legitimacy in Yemen and all countries that support it, to create specific areas inside Yemen to deliver humanitarian supplies, where all aerial operations will stop at specific times to allow these supplies in, as stipulated by UN Security Council resolution 2216," Jubeir said in a statement.

Yemen War News Updates -- May 4, 2105

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