NPR: New Fighting Along Yemen Border Closes Schools And Airports

The fighting in Yemen has expanded from the major cities and ports to a border region with Saudi Arabia. Shelling by Shiite Houthi rebels in the area of Najran in northwestern Yemen has forced Saudi Arabia to suspend school and halt flights into the local airports, according to news reports.

This latest flashpoint comes nearly six weeks into a Saudi-led air campaign to stop the Houthis and their allies, security forces loyal to ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh, from taking control of Yemen.

The United Nations says hundreds of people have been killed, and at least 300,000 displaced since the fighting in Yemen began in mid-March, according to The Associated Press.

WNU Editor: Concerns among the coalition on the progress of this war (or lack of) are growing .... Gulf Leaders Gather Amid Growing Concern Over Yemen (NDTV/AFP).

Yemen War News Updates -- May 5, 2015

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