Sex has a huge significance in a relationship. Touching, cuddling or simple hugging can make a lot of difference to a relation. It can lead to great sex. When life becomes busy, and schedules are hectic, plan for sexual experiences with one another.

 Make sex one of your main priorities. Plan things in advance. If you want to have good sex at night, start the foreplay in the morning.

Let your spouse know you care and are thinking about him/her throughout the day. Exchange SMS...naughty ones maybe. It's good to be playful will and naughty.

Good sex is very important part of any marriage. It will help you come closer to your partner and also help you to understand him/her better. 

Making love often will keep the passion alive in your relationship, which is very essential factor of a healthy relationship. Get naughty, think of innovative ways to enjoy love-making. 

In the initial years of marriage, couples should have sex at least 3-4 times a week. Not just sex, touching, cuddling, hugging also matter and can make a huge difference to your relation. The point is to stay connected.

To keep your relationship healthy and affair proof you have to feel passionately about your partner. In a healthy relationship passion and excitement should always be alive. You have to learn to keep the flame of passion alive in the two of you for a long and enduring relationship.

If you've been with your significant other for a good while, then you know how easy it is to get caught up in the same run-of-the-mill sex in the same place: the bedroom. Boring, isn't it? 

If this is the case, it maybe safe to say the adventurer within is dormant and needs encouragement to resurface.

 This is not to be mistaken for a random act that you have to wait another six months to try again. Make it a practice to abandon your inhibitions and try new things, it will keep your sex life fresh, unpredictable and best of all - limitless. 

If you're the type that's apprehensive about sex in public, try different rooms of your house and graduate to the terrace!

On the other hand, if you're the go-hard type and can lose yourself in the moment, the public translates to a wealth of opportunities that are endless.  

Bath tub
Light a few candles around the bath tub and to add some excitement tell him/her that you're planning to sex them up in the tub. You can even add champagne or wine to the mix and you see things getting started effortlessly. 

It is an exciting place to cook some love and action. Try baking your partner's favourite cookies / cake or any other recipe in a sexy set of shorts and a t-shirt; lean over the counter for some cleavage view to get his attention. Don't be afraid to be aggressive with your partner, they'll love it for sure. 

Drops of love 
Rain is sexy to begin with, so sex in the rain has to be amazing. If you get caught in the rain with your guy/girl, find a building to duck behind or a nearby park to indulge in some spontaneous loving. Parks are particularly convenient because they tend to be empty when it's raining. 

This is no easy task to pull off, but can be quite exciting if you can make it happen. All elevators work different, so some have the ability to stop at the push of a button. In which case, push the button and get to it!  But others, you will have to dodge the oncoming traffic and somehow find away to get the elevator to skip all stops with close door button coordination. 

Public library 
Smart people are always ready and if your partner is a bookworm, have him/her meet you at the city or university library. Find a corner or a study nook and wait for your lover to find you. When they find you, devour him/her, but remember you have to be quiet.

Moving car 

This is not the most legal thing to do, but days that you're stuck in traffic it could be great fun time too. However, if you're busted it could be all bad! But viewership always heightens pleasure so a taxi could be a ton of fun, if you're both into it.

On the terrace
On a starry night, grab an oversized blanket and wine. Set it up so it looks like it's you're going to spend some time out there, take your time with him/her and enjoy the full-body draft.

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