Tables turned on sexual predator who got tricked into revealing his own picture

© Coconuts Media Photo: Zul Haikal Jaafar / Facebook

Pretending to be an employer of some sort, a man claiming to be "Ivan" had been outed on Facebook as a conman tricking interviewees into having sex with him.

His contact number was publicised in an attempt to warn others about his disgusting scheme.Zul Haikal Jaafar however couldn't just let this "Ivan" go.

Wanting to con the conman, he pretended to be an underaged ITE student named Amirah and made contact with "Ivan" for a job.

"Ivan" wasted no time in being a total creep. This time claiming to be "Marcus", he remained coy about the nature of the so-called job.

It took a bit of coaxing for the perv to outrightly admit that the job training comprises sexual intercourse (PSA: no job training involves sex).

Once Zul got the confirmation, he ran with it, baiting "Marcus" even further into the deception.

The conman didn't even let up when "Amirah" dropped obvious trolling hints like "I can laugh like a hyena if you do it right" and "I like nasi goreng petai" in response to the pervert's sickening comment about "liking penetration".

Even better, Zul baited "Marcus" to the point where the sexual predator willingly sent a selfie.

The perv got a selfie in return all right. It came in the form of Zul's bearded lower half of his face, accompanied with an advice for "Marcus" to change things for the better. Righteous, dude.

Presumably, that helped put an end to the perv's disgusting ways — the dumbass did send out a picture of himself after all.

by (Rakyat Sembang) via BERITA RAKYAT

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